Tracked mobile crushing station

Tracked mobile crushing station is based on years of experience in the development and production of mobile crushing stations, to meet the needs of higher user needs, the absorption of foreign advanced mobile crushing technology development completed full hydraulic tracked mobile crushing station. SBM tracked mobile crushing station broke through the previous electric drive mode, the use of hydraulic and other non-strong way to drive and control the crawler walking, equipment installation and work, energy efficiency is higher.

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Working principle of tracked mobile crushing station

Shanghai SBM tracked mobile crushing station from the track chassis, frame assembly, host and auxiliary equipment, power systems and hydraulic control system. The power system through the hydraulic control system to control the hydraulic cylinder and other actions to automatically complete the installation of equipment; work, the power system through the hydraulic power supply, the power system through the hydraulic control system to drive the crawler chassis; Control system to drive and control the host and auxiliary equipment work, the material from the silo into the chassis and frame mounted on the host after the broken or sieved, through the integrated belt machine discharge.

Application of tracked mobile crushing station

  • 1. The mobile crushing screening device to the operating characteristics of versatility;
  • 2. It is widely used in mining, coal, cement industry, the excavation site of the hard material rough;
  • 3. It is used in the recycling of construction waste, earthwork works, urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites and other venues;
  • 4. It can handle topsoil and other materials, separate viscous aggregates, construction and blasting industries, crushed sieves, quarrying.
  • 5. It can also be applied to the cement concrete road modified stripping broken, asphalt concrete material before the break.

Tracked mobile crushing station for construction waste crushing

Tracked mobile crushing station is a kind of mobile crushing station, which is a new type of crushed production line which is crushing, conveyed and sieved. It has excellent use in the field of urban construction and can be widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry and road industry. Depending on the crushing equipment provided, as well as in accordance with the size and yield of crushed material can be divided into tracked jaw mobile crushing stations, tracked impact mobile crushing stations, and tracked cone mobile crushing stations. Its production in between 90 tons to 450 tons per hour, to meet most of the production operations. Tracked mobile crushing station As a high-yield crushing equipment, the price is very high. In addition, Tracked mobile crushing station crushing ratio, its design can meet the technical needs of crusher, high productivity, finished product grain size uniform.

Breaking the operating environment restrictions, greatly reducing transportation costs: The launch of the Tracked mobile crushing station eliminates the cumbersome steel frame structure, the construction of the foundation, saving a lot of time;Tracked mobile crushing station is a direct selection of the venue, and with the raw material mining surface to promote the movement or with the construction site to extend together, finished stone direct crushing needs, greatly reducing the transportation costs.

Oil-electric double drive, two kinds of work mode free to switch: Tracked mobile crushing station power system using the oil - electric double drive concept, the user can choose the actual situation according to the mine diesel generator drive, or directly using the local power grid, completely solve some areas of remote areas of equipment problems, but also to meet some users Saving fuel costs.

Hydraulic control, stable energy saving: The equipment is hydraulically driven, whether it is equipment installation, machine work, or continuous variable speed walking, control are very smooth and flexible. Further, since the load sensing control system aircraft configuration and multiple protection devices, intelligent traffic system for implementing output on demand, safer operation, higher energy efficiency.

Flexible configuration, widely used: Our company offers a variety of crushing, screening models, such as jaw broken, conical broken, anti-break and screening and other models optional, for crushing, crushing and screening, for user needs, flexible configuration Combination, to provide users with the best configuration. The device can be operated separately, can be combined with other crawler, or with other fixed or mobile equipment with the combination; compact, can be used in a narrow site, but also can be adjusted at any time according to the requirements of the working position.

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