crushers in saudi arabia

Shanghai SBM contracted Saudi Arabia 500t / d gravel production line project, including engineering design, crushing and screening sets of supply and supporting technical advisory services.

The project in July 2016, the project officially broke construction; August 2016 began to enter the installation phase; September 28, 2016, gravel production line formal test machine production, and soon through 72h compliance assessment, the main technology Indicators meet and exceed design targets.

The advangtage of our products

Main technical characteristics of the program

  • 1) Saudi Arabia is in the desert areas of the Middle East, the climate is dry, the temperature is very high, the hottest summer when the temperature reaches 50 ℃, and the hot season is long, the construction of natural conditions and technical difficulties are larger;
  • 2) the construction standards for the European standards, and hired a third party consulting engineers on the project technical programs and design drawings for review, made a number of unique technical requirements or related restrictions;
  • 3) The gravel production system uses 3-stage closed-circuit system, equipped with four WL high-performance composite cone crusher (two standard type, two short head type), the system capacity of 500t / h;
  • 4) The main equipment dust discharge point using a large bag filter, the rest of the material transfer point, feeding points and other dust spots are equipped with a high efficiency bag filter, for high noise equipment are added silencer or equipment, plant closed noise To achieve energy saving and environmental protection, the construction of green production line purposes.

Process Flow

Mine mining of quartzite from the dump truck directly into the bucket before the bucket, the plate fed by feeding a PEW European version of the jaw crusher, after the primary crushing by the belt conveyor to 2 sets of hydraulic cone Crusher, after the crushing and then by the belt conveyor into the two hydraulic cone crusher crushing, and finally after three S5X series shaker output finished material. The material does not meet the size of the material back to the cone crusher, the formation of closed-circuit production system.

Production runs from dialogue

Product manager George Gao said that the production line after the production of equipment without any "card shell". He also said that the low maintenance of the equipment downtime is basically zero, can produce particle size 0 ~ 3 mm specifications of the finished material.

Mr. George said that the hydraulic adjustment of the cone crusher with durable design and high performance, very helpful to the processing of ore processing.

"The combination of stable operating performance, high capacity crushing chamber and hydraulic adjustment gives the Shanghai SBM Cone Crusher Crusher a strong processing capability to meet the needs of the owners," he added.

Saudi Arabia's company said: "From other crushing equipment to use the Shanghai SBM crusher, all of our quarries are equipped with a reliable and efficient operation and production model, we are Shanghai SBM road and bridge equipment is very satisfied."

He pointed out that the Shanghai SBM road and bridge crushing system has the characteristics of easy operation and short downtime, and the consumptive parts of the whole crushing system are small, which reduces the production and maintenance cost for our whole project.

"The SBM equipment is trustworthy and economical to use, except for conventional flushing and lubrication," says the SBM equipment, which is stable and reliable in its ability to meet production capacity requirements.

He said, "Shanghai SBM's crushing system fully meet our production needs."

The entire mine crushing production line performance assessment ended, the owners of the Saudi Arabian National Mining Company 72 hours performance assessment expressed satisfaction and appreciation. As of press time, the project device equipment is running well, the process parameters are stable, the products produced by qualified, to meet the downstream production needs.

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