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With the development of civilization in the industrial sector, China's heavy industry development has also put forward higher and higher requirements, energy saving and environmental protection is the most urgent goal of the current industrial development; especially crusher parts casting industry, pollution is very serious, The state has developed a series of policies to support the development of crusher parts casting industry.

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Among them, to increase the intensity of independent innovation, efforts to carry out advanced technology innovation has become a crusher parts casting industry to face the development of bottlenecks now the solution, advanced crusher parts casting technology is the key to the industry, only with advanced technology , In order to more quickly promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry, the country's sustainable development is also a great help. Exported to foreign countries, such as the United States, UK, Russia, Malaysia, South Korea and so on.

Crusher parts casting knowledge

Crusher is widely used in mining, cement, electricity, metallurgy and other industries, due to poor operating conditions, the wear parts of the crusher wear a large, so the crusher parts need to be replaced frequently. The current crusher wear-resistant parts are mainly high manganese steel wear-resistant materials, crusher parts is how to cast it?

Casting is the metal smelting to meet the requirements of the liquid and poured into the mold, the cooling and solidification, finishing treatment to get a predetermined shape, size and performance of the casting process. The casting of the embryo is due to the near-forming, and the purpose of achieving a free machining or a small amount of processing reduces the cost and reduces the time to a certain extent.

Casting treatment and inspection, casting processing, including removal of core and casting surface foreign body, remove the riser, shovel burrs and cloak and other protrusions and heat treatment, plastic surgery, rust treatment and rough processing.

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