ultra fine grinding mill

Ultra fine grinding mill as a superfine powder processing hot equipment, its manufacturers in the domestic area, many buyers like a needle in the sea for the general search for the right processing equipment. So, for the customer, where will there be their own ultra fine grinding mill?

The advangtage of our products

Shanghai SBM ultra fine grinding mill equipment is good where? In the pricing of products, fully reflect the economic benefits, to take into account the vast majority of business users of the consumer strength. In the quality of equipment, strict quality requirements to meet the national, durable is necessary. In the ultra fine grinding mill model selection, not necessarily that everything, but must be able to meet the 90 percent of the customer selection needs. In the product after-sales, the order of the system of professional professional after-sales service, the commitment to the user as the center, to help users solve the idea of production and so on.

Advantages of ultra fine grinding mill

Ultra fine grinding mill is the main equipment for the ultra-fine powder processing line of ore materials. The equipment on the medium and low hardness, Mohs hardness ≤ 6 grade non-flammable and explosive brittle materials, ultra-fine powder processing has an absolute advantage.

  • 1. product advantages: to attract customers with the needs of the equipment is the biggest burst point on the advantages of its finished products. After ultra fine grinding mill finished product utilization has been improved, even fine grain size, gradation reasonable, fineness modulus adjustable, finished products in the field of sales has been widened, the unit ultrafine powder prices have also been improved, Is conducive to the acquisition of more economic benefits.
  • 2. operating advantages: ultra fine grinding mill has a variety of crushing cavity type, two kinds of working principle of natural conversion, a multi-purpose machine, equipment, light weight, installation of diverse, mobile installation, easy to use, once clear specific purposes, only Need to be fine-tuned, can maximize its excellent performance.
  • 3. processing advantages: First, the processing capacity of the equipment, the processing capacity, the unit time to process the material production is higher, and the output is stable, the second is the equipment in the operating system, ultra fine grinding mill has the best broken material impact angle set , Consumable parts of low consumption, which is its processing advantages.
  • 4. environmental advantages: First, the ultra fine grinding mill in the operation, the noise is small, the second is the equipment produced by the reduction of dust, which is its unique air from the recycling system to bring the environmental advantages of equipment, dust removal device , Pay attention to environmental protection measures, is conducive to the improvement of the working environment, and ultra-fine powder production line of long-term development.

Equipped with ultra fine grinding mill

Production line is to fully improve the efficiency of workers and equipment tooling, raw materials through a series of processing to complete the user needs of the product, the composition of the production line is the production line, today's ultra fine grinding mill production activities known as ultra fine grinding Mill production line, is specifically for the ore milling production line equipment, ultra fine grinding mill production line how to configure the user to become a concern.

SBM offers a wide range of ultra fine grinding mill production lines, including crusher, bucket elevator, storage silo, vibration, Feeder system, micro-grinding machine, air compressor, electrical control system and other equipment composed of a production line, the configuration of this program also has a A certain advantage exists, mainly in the following aspects:

1, Ultra fine grinding mill production line of the program, giving users the biggest advantage is to simplify the production process. The market we often see the production line in the production process, there are three, four broken to complete the entire production. Now SBM simplifies these production processes into two pieces of production, which can not only reduce the host equipment, but also reduce the crusher equipment and milling equipment between the feeding belt conveyor and these devices in operation The process of power consumption, wear-resistant parts and so on.

2, in addition, ultra fine grinding mill production line configuration of the crusher and the micro-grinding machine which can not only simplify the production process, colleagues can also achieve lower energy consumption in the 30-40% between the wear and tear to reduce the consumption of 70-80%, in order to achieve a total investment reduction between 20-30%.

For ultra fine grinding mill production line how to configure this problem, or the need for specific content specific analysis.

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