talc powder machinery production

Talc is widely used in paper, ceramics and other production, because of its layered structure and low hardness become well-known plastic filler, talcum powder production equipment so choose to buy is when the need to be very cautious.

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Talc grinding technology is now very mature, talc grinding machines on the market are numerous very common, but at the time of purchase must pay attention, very weak interlayer talc particles layered structure, so the external force under talc because of two adjacent layers can easily slip or completely out, so, when Gao speed mixer with coupling agent, it is difficult to achieve a high rate of surface activation.

Grinding mill is producing talc equipment. Talc grinding machine generally divided into general mill, high fineness mill, ultrafine mill, suspended roller grinding mill and so on. Talc application state in production is powdery, so fine grinding and ultrafine grinding mill talc machines are the key points, talc industry using state powder items, so fine grinding and ultrafine grinding talc is the production of equipment must have a processing technology.

Domestic production of talc powder machinery production is generally 200 mesh and 325 mesh talc, talcum powder if using ultra-fine grinding machine, the output of talcum powder can achieve 500-1250 purposes.

From the analysis of the current market situation, talcum powder machine cheap mill can not meet the production requirements of talc market, so we must rely on the production of talc equipment technology revolutionary innovation in technology research and development, while adding energy efficient mill talc machines, improve the utilization of resources and the development of deep processing of high value-added products. Thus, the production of talc screening equipment is also very need to consider environmental standards. Under normal circumstances, talc grinding machine must have good wind and transport finished product collection system, and consume less energy in the case of the same yield and productivity. Different levels of talc, field-level application is different, in the same time increasing production standards, quality talc also need to increase as a result, and thus the production of ultra-fine talcum powder needs more equipment mill, high pressure hanging roller mill this type of machine equipment to make talcum powder output value to be reflected.

With the development of the plastics industry, applications talc comprehensive coverage of paper, plastics, coatings, paints, ceramics, rubber, waterproof material, medicine, cosmetics and other industries, the production of talcum powder equipment must also be followed by innovation.

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