marble granite processing plant

Marble granite processing plant aimed at hard, brittle high granite, basalt, marble and other stone design marble granite crushing production line solutions, based on the optimal selection strategy by maximizing the production line equipment, the purpose of the use of resources available to the user the best production line equipment configuration to improve the marble granite crushing production line production and reduce production line waste of resources.

The advangtage of our products

Granite is a hard, high silica content of the rock mines, many of which belong to the more difficult for aggregate crushing stone. However, marble lower than granite the hardness of the crushed by using a specific device can be realized at once a high degree of crushed purposes. Marble granite processing plant uses a multi-level stone crushed production technology to meet user demand for the production of different levels of stone, can be flexibly configured equipment program.

According to the purpose of granite marble can be used for marble granite processing plant configuration of a variety of different programs, roughly divided into primary, secondary and tertiary crushing this centralized process. Generally used in the railway sector facilities among the marble granite processing plant we will use level of production, but for some of the higher requirements of row of stone tablets, hardness and corrosion resistance demanding industrial which will require the use of secondary even tertiary crushing stone for multiple machining processes.

Marble Granite Processing Plant Features

  • 1, we use marble granite processing plant, production line equipment can reduce the waste of resources, improve the unit time production line production of aggregates production, saving the user's cost of production.
  • 2, Marble granite processing plant has many different flexible configuration schemes. According to the experience in Shanghai SBM has commissioned a number of marble granite processing plant program to get them, so we can quickly provide users with the most reasonable specified marble granite processing plant plans.
  • 3, we used marble granite processing plant produced sand pellets row uniform, high production capacity, stable performance. The sand and gravel production line capable of processing certain materials, stone material defects using assault breakthrough, reached easily crushed stone, while also improving the hardness of sand and gravel.
  • 4, Marble granite processing plant which we use hydraulic cone crusher for crushing stone laminate, improve equipment efficiency, production cost control sand production line, stone production process to reduce redundant waste.

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